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Black Ink Magazine – Paul Pairet’s Ultraviolet Restaurant in Shanghai

January 24th, 2013
In September of last year I had the good fortune of working with the folks at Black Ink (if you don’t know this magazine it is because you do not have a gazillion-dollar American Express card) for an interesting project that they had in mind: I was to accompany acclaimed writer Alex Chee as he sampled the delights of Paul Pairet’s new restaurant in Shanghai – Ultraviolet.

It is important to note that this isn’t any new restaurant – but a creation that has been in Paul’s mind for over a decade. A single seating each evening with only ten guests at a secret location; and then 22 courses paired with not just a drink (naturally), but projected visuals, and sounds.

I had the best seat in the house - straddled between the kitchen and dining room, where I could see the creations being concocted and divert the odd dish straight in to my gullet. You can see how the magazine ran it here:

Shanghai Huangpu River Time Lapse

September 17th, 2011

I have started fooling around a bit with time lapse videos. Nothing fancy. Just a series of JPGs all strung together into a little video using Quicktime. They are imperfect. Low-res. Herky jerky. Frames sometimes out of order. BUT, they are kind of fun. Here is the first one.

Shanghai Photo – Vote for Your Favourite

September 8th, 2011

Just looking for a little help from everyone out there on their favourite Shanghai photo of these three. Let me know in the comments which (if any!) you like…..

Ning Li – CEO & Founder of for Time Magazine

December 1st, 2010

For the last three and a half months I was trapped in Asia. Well, trapped isn’t entirely accurate – the phone wouldn’t stop ringing so I kept changing my plane ticket back to New York.

One of the last shoots that I participated in when I was in Asia was a portrait of’s CEO Ning Li for Time magazine when Ning was in Shanghai. And that portrait hit stands last week (Nov 29 International Edition for those of you dashing out the door right now).

So I just wanted to share this portrait with you (and link to the full pdf here: CEO Ning Li) uses crowdsourcing to design its furniture – soliciting designs from professional designers and then letting users vote for the best designs. Of those best designs a handful are then put into production. But I digress. I will let you read the article.

Made.Com CEO Ning Li in Shanghai China

Ning Li, CEO of at his Shanghai offices on Tuesday Nov 09, 2010. Photographed for Time magazine by Andrew Rowat.

Wall Street Journal Travel – Shanghai Insider

November 16th, 2010

The Oct 23/24 2010 edition of the Wall Street Journal features some of my Shanghai images in the ‘Insider’s Guide’ written by friend and talented writer Andrew Yang. You can check it outline  here: or see the full print layout as a PDF here: Wall Street Journal – Shanghai Insider PDF

Shanghai's Bund waterfront photographed by Andrew Rowat

Shanghai's Bund waterfront photographed by Andrew Rowat

Central Studios Shanghai – Your One-Stop Shop

November 15th, 2010

While on the theme of service, I wanted to let folks know about Central Studios ( in Shanghai.

Opened in the last year by Rodney Evans, a very talented photographer in his own right (and a friend to boot), the studios are located just blocks from Xintiandi in the heart of Shanghai. Whether you need equipment rental, studio space, or production help, Rodney and his team will sort you out.

Central Studios recently kitted me out for a video shoot and made sure that I had all the equipment that I would expect to get in NYC.

Next time you have a shoot in Shanghai give them a shout.

All Shanghai All the Time! Ritz-Carlton Photo Essay

June 22nd, 2010

Continuing the theme of my last couple posts I will inundate you more Shanghai. I know you can’t get enough. It is an Expo year after all.

Expo you say? Like Expo ’86 in Vancouver? Yes, that Expo.

In any case, without further ado, I give you a collection of Shanghai images that the folks chez Ritz-Carlton published in their ultra-swish magazine.


Conde Nast Traveler – Shanghai Feature – Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Street Food

June 22nd, 2010

The July 2010 issue of Conde Nast Traveler has just hit newstands and you can see my ugly mug staring out at you from page 10 of the profiles at the beginning of the magazine. I shot a small feature for them that focused on Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s favourite street-food in Shanghai.

Now you ask, why does Jean-Georges have favourite street food vendors in Shanghai?!

Well, it is because he also has a flagship restaurant, Jean-Georges, located in the 3 on the Bund complex in Shanghai itself. Headlined for many years by Executive Chef Eric Johnson, it is now helmed by the very talented, and always relaxed, Ming Kin Lam.

If in Shanghai go and have a bite (or three). And don’t bother ordering anything off the menu – just have Kin put together an incredible tasting menu for you. Delicious.

Oh, and the street food?

Head to Sipailou Lu, near Yu Gardens and have a delicious pancake. Yum.

Now go pick up a copy at the newstand, or you can also check it out here: rowat_cnus_201007_eat-the-street

Conde Nast Traveler – ShangKong Feature

June 3rd, 2010

I was fortunate enough to have a terrific feature in the March 2010 issue of Conde Nast Traveler. The Feature was entitled ‘ShangKong’ and focused on the two amazing Asian cities -  Shanghai and Hong Kong. The former, Shanghai was my home for almost 8 years, though I now split my time between there and New York. You can take a peek at the low-res PDF here: rowat_cnus_201003_shangkong web

(PS – if this was in March why am I posting in June you ask? Well the  blog and site are just getting up and re-launched, so you might be subjected to some archived material as we move forward. And current shoots too. Don’t worry.)