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Shanghai Photo – Vote for Your Favourite

September 8th, 2011

Just looking for a little help from everyone out there on their favourite Shanghai photo of these three. Let me know in the comments which (if any!) you like…..

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  • Anthony Boylan

    Shanghai’s Yu Gardens + Pudong Skyline – nice contrast between traditional and modern architecture.

  • Andrew

    Tony – Thanks for taking the time to reply! Have you made it over to Shanghai from Korea….? A short 2+ hr flight!

  • Jeremy

    Pudong Panoramic Skyline

  • Kk

    Yu Gardens, the city in the background looks so surreal. Oh and fix that vertical distortion too :)

  • mike s.

    I like the #1 and #2 – both make it obvious that it’s Shanghai… With the shot of the Bund, unless you know the city well, that could be anywhere.

    Anyway, I like the colors on the Yu Gardens one. The panoramic one is a really good shot though.

  • Andrew

    Thanks to both Mike and KK and Jeremy for adding their votes in. I should have a final tally by the end of the day…..

  • Andrew

    i have a special place for the bund in my heart but it was a hard choice 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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