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Ning Li – CEO & Founder of for Time Magazine

December 1st, 2010

For the last three and a half months I was trapped in Asia. Well, trapped isn’t entirely accurate – the phone wouldn’t stop ringing so I kept changing my plane ticket back to New York.

One of the last shoots that I participated in when I was in Asia was a portrait of’s CEO Ning Li for Time magazine when Ning was in Shanghai. And that portrait hit stands last week (Nov 29 International Edition for those of you dashing out the door right now).

So I just wanted to share this portrait with you (and link to the full pdf here: CEO Ning Li) uses crowdsourcing to design its furniture – soliciting designs from professional designers and then letting users vote for the best designs. Of those best designs a handful are then put into production. But I digress. I will let you read the article.

Made.Com CEO Ning Li in Shanghai China

Ning Li, CEO of at his Shanghai offices on Tuesday Nov 09, 2010. Photographed for Time magazine by Andrew Rowat.

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