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Crumbling Burmese Architecture for WSJ Magazine

January 24th, 2013

In October of last year I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Burma to photograph at the behest of WSJ magazine. I was following in the footsteps of writer Tony Perrottet as he painted a vivid picture of the challenges surrounding the preservation of colonial architecture facing Yangon (formerly Rangoon) as it opens itself up to further tourism and regional investment.

The architecture in Yangon – and all the crumbling buildings – was like catnip for a photographer like me who absolutely loves photographing the spaces that we as people inhabit. I also had the good fortune of travelling on to Bagan and Inle Lake to explore more of the country.

I am planning on going back to Burma this year on a number of occasions (it is a bit of a commute) to continue photographing the country as part of a personal project.

You can see how the story ran here: rowat_wsjm_201302_burma-architecture

You can see some additional outtakes here: 

Black Ink Magazine – Paul Pairet’s Ultraviolet Restaurant in Shanghai

January 24th, 2013
In September of last year I had the good fortune of working with the folks at Black Ink (if you don’t know this magazine it is because you do not have a gazillion-dollar American Express card) for an interesting project that they had in mind: I was to accompany acclaimed writer Alex Chee as he sampled the delights of Paul Pairet’s new restaurant in Shanghai – Ultraviolet.

It is important to note that this isn’t any new restaurant – but a creation that has been in Paul’s mind for over a decade. A single seating each evening with only ten guests at a secret location; and then 22 courses paired with not just a drink (naturally), but projected visuals, and sounds.

I had the best seat in the house - straddled between the kitchen and dining room, where I could see the creations being concocted and divert the odd dish straight in to my gullet. You can see how the magazine ran it here:

AFAR – Hoi An Cau Lau Noodles – May/June 2012 Cover & Feature

May 15th, 2012

Just a quick note, with a longer entry to follow. You can go grab a copy of the May/June issue of AFAR magazine to see my story on the Cau Lau noodles of Hoi An, Vietnam,

written by the talented David Farley.

The May-June 2012 cover of Afar magazine photographed by Andrew Rowat in Hoi An, Vietnam.


You can check out the whole story here as a PDF: Andrew Rowat’s AFAR magazine Cau Lau Cover Story in Vietnam – May / June 2012

Mongolia Ninja Mining – Bloomberg BusinessWeek Website Re-launch

March 1st, 2012

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has just re-launched their website, and they are featuring several of my images from the Mongolian Ninja Mining project that I worked on. You can check out their photo gallery of my images here:

Naked Stables – Moganshan, China

January 31st, 2012

In the Fall of last year I had the opportunity to travel to Naked Stables, a sister property of Naked Retreats, near Moganshan, a few hours outside of Shanghai, China.

And I was blown away.

The folks behind the concept and execution of the resort have created something pretty unique in China – certainly unlike any other properties that I have visited in the country. Some of the Banyan Tree properties in Yun’nan province have a similar feel to them, but this is on a much larger scale, and so close to Shanghai to boot.

The ‘Naked’ bit is to underscore the natural element of the place and ‘Stables’ to let you know that before long there will be horses there that you can take for trail rides through the bamboo forests. There were no horses when I was there but I expect that they can’t be long in arriving. Plus if you go in April you can watch the tea being harvested on the gorgeous manicured hills that surround the resort.

Moganshan has always been a country retreat from Shanghai – in the late 1800s and early 1900s the glitterati of Shanghai would retreat to the air-conditioned shade of the Moganshan bamboo forests. And today is no different.

In any case you can check out the piece in this month’s (Feb 2012) issue of Conde Nast Traveler USA:
You can also check out some the same photos below in the gallery. Enjoy!

Man oh man it’s Oman for Gourmet Traveller Australia

January 16th, 2012

In the Fall of 2011 I had the good fortune of accompanying the wonderful journalist, and delightful person, Jennifer Byrne on a photo feature trip to Oman. I had, perhaps not surprisingly, never been to Oman and was excited by the prospect of visiting a country with such a long and interesting history.

Oman did not disappoint.

I knew about the desert of course, but was not prepared for how verdant the South of the country was – in particular Salalah and its surrounding areas. In the North near Muscat you could head out into the Arabian Sea and find yourself surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. Or get up early to visit the fish market where tuna, swordfish, and all manner of creatures were being pulled out of the ocean.

But the physical beauty of the country is complimented by the incredible warmth of the people themselves. In many ways the country is the anti-Dubai of the region in how it is charting its development course. Slow and steady seems to be the mantra. And that more measured, less frenetic, push forward seems to mean that the whole community is benefiting from the progress – not just a privileged few.

As for tourists – where were they? Certainly not anywhere that I could see. Occasionally you would run into a couple tourists here and there in the souks, but by and large the country is empty of tourists. So that means for the traveller who decides to go now they will have the country all to themselves. I suspect that this will change in the near future.

In any case, enjoy the  photos and make sure to book your next trip to Oman. In the meantime, you can take a look at how the story ran here: Oman Travel PDF – Gourmet Traveller Australia – Andrew Rowat

Conde Nast Traveller UK – Colorado Ski Story

December 5th, 2011

Earlier in March of this year I had the opportunity to shoot a ski story for British Conde Nast Traveller. A ski story?! Every photographer’s dream. But it gets better – we had to ski some of the best resorts in the country at Vail and Aspen and stay in the best hotels to boot.

Four Seasons at Vail? Check. Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch? Check. Skiing with Wolfgang Puck down the slopes at the Ritz? Check. The Viceroy at Snowmass? Check. Hanging out with amazing horse wranglers at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby? Check.

And to make everything that much more amazing – this was an epic snow season for all of Colorado and Utah. So much powder that you needed a snorkel to get down the slopes. And there are worse ways to start your day than dropping in at Aspen’s Highland Bowl with fresh tracks and then darting into the trees. Simply amazing.

On the final Sunday when we were at Aspen we stumbled into a slope-side party that was closing down one of the outlets for the season – and it was like stepping onto the set of Hot Tub Time Machine if you had drawn your cast from St Tropez. Snowball fights going on inside (it was a blizzard outside), a DJ spinning tracks, champagne freely flowing, dancing on the tables…nothing to do but join in (ok, we were actually a bit bewildered at first and stood around dumbly before grabbing our cameras)

The issue is on stands now (Nov 2011) so go grab a copy and take a look – or check out the PDF here: Colorado Ski Story – Conde Nast Traveller UK – Nov 2011 – Andrew Rowat


Case da Abitare does Toronto – September 2011 Issue

September 6th, 2011

In late May I had the opportunity to wander back to my hometown, Toronto, to shoot a city feature for Italian design magazine Case da Abitare ( Check out the website for more stories in the Sept issue, or click here to take a look at the PDF: Case da Abitare Toronto Feature – Photographed by Andrew Rowat

The wonderful thing about this shoot is I hadn’t really lived in Toronto since I left for University when I was 18 – it was a way to re-discover and re-connect with all of the wonderful neighbourhoods and people. And from New York it is a quick hop skip and a jump.


Afar – July/Aug 2011 – Naoshima remains popular!

July 16th, 2011

Another shot from the ever-popular Naoshima Island. This time of Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Pumpkins’. You can check the PDF out here: Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Pumpkins’, or pick up an actual copy of the magazine from newstands. You can also check out some Paris recommendations on page 18 from friend Frances Hsieh…..

'Pumpkins' by Yayoi Kusama on Naoshima Island in Japan's Seto Inland Sea. Photographed by Andrew Rowat.

'Pumpkins' by Yayoi Kusama on Naoshima Island in Japan's Seto Inland Sea. Photographed by Andrew Rowat.

Mongolia Polo – In Chinggis Khan’s Ancient Capital

April 18th, 2011

Late last summer I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to travel to Mongolia (again – I have a habit of ending up there) at the behest of the good folks at British Airway’s High Life magazine. Once there I teamed up with the amazing Justin Cartwright, who in addition to being an incredible author is also a terrific person to spend a week with in a ger (the circular Mongolian tent).

Nestled in a valley (I will let you read the article) near the ancient Mongolian capitol of Karakorum, Shanghai Tang decided to stage a polo cup – an event that culminated with a set of International players taking on the best Mongolian players. With predictable results. The Mongolians delivered a sound beating to the international cast that was assembled.

Mongolia is a magical land and if you ever have the opportunity (or make) to go there you must seize it. You can view the result of the collaboration here: Mongolia Polo – British Airways High Life – Andrew Rowat

I have also updated the travel section of my site, so you can browse through the images there: