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Mongolia Polo – In Chinggis Khan’s Ancient Capital

April 18th, 2011

Late last summer I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to travel to Mongolia (again – I have a habit of ending up there) at the behest of the good folks at British Airway’s High Life magazine. Once there I teamed up with the amazing Justin Cartwright, who in addition to being an incredible author is also a terrific person to spend a week with in a ger (the circular Mongolian tent).

Nestled in a valley (I will let you read the article) near the ancient Mongolian capitol of Karakorum, Shanghai Tang decided to stage a polo cup – an event that culminated with a set of International players taking on the best Mongolian players. With predictable results. The Mongolians delivered a sound beating to the international cast that was assembled.

Mongolia is a magical land and if you ever have the opportunity (or make) to go there you must seize it. You can view the result of the collaboration here: Mongolia Polo – British Airways High Life – Andrew Rowat

I have also updated the travel section of my site, so you can browse through the images there:

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