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Service Service Service – Think Tank Photo Will Keep Getting My Business

November 15th, 2010

I use my gear in a fairly abusive manner. Whether it is shooting in -50C in Mongolia while riding reindeer, or hauling bags through blistering heat and desert dust I need to know that my equipment won’t fail.

Invariably however, after repeated beatings things do start to wear down, fall apart, or develop their own special quirks.

I have travelled all over the world with my Think Tank Airport Security v 2.0 ( and the wheels finally decided that they had had enough with the relationship. Rolling the bag had become decidedly less smooth, even when I wasn’t piloting it over rocks and cobblestone streets.

So what to do? I was on the road in China and though the bag was still serviceable it was definitely a pain.

One email. That’s all it took.

That one email led to a new set of wheels being shipped to China for me to replace in the field.

Cost to me? Zero.

Result? A very happy customer who will continue to buy their products because of the service.

In spite of my earlier statement about needing to know that my equipment won’t fail I know that equipment does fail. And when it does you want a company that stands behind their work and will sort you out.

Service. Service. Service.

Think Tank Photo Airport Security v2.0 Rolling Bag

Think Tank Photo Airport Security v2.0 Rolling Bag