Sense of place image – I beg your indulgence once more – Which do you like? « Andrew Rowat Photographer

Sense of place image – I beg your indulgence once more – Which do you like?

September 8th, 2011

I am begging your indulgence once more – which of these ‘sense of place’ images do you like (if any)? Let me know your thoughts!

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  • mike s.

    #1 and #4 are both excellent, but #4 (urtz) is absolutely incredible….

  • Frances

    The color Mongolian Ger photo is wonderful, but wasn’t it already used as a cover of Newsweek?  I like the B/W Mongolian gers photo because it really reflects a “sense of place”. The flaming gas crater would be hard to place if you hadn’t labeled it “Turkmenistan”. I’m less familiar with the Mogolian Urtz.

  • Jessica Ware

    I love Mongolian Urtz Winter Star Trails

  • Alicia H

    I’m voting for Mongolian Urtz Winter Star Trails…although I also like B/W Mongolia Gers.  The gas crater is pretty cool too but wouldn’t pick it as the best photo of the bunch.

  • Andrew Rowat

    Frances – you are right, it was used as the cover for Newsweek (good memory!); but that is somewhat immaterial for my current purposes….I guess I should have also been a bit more explicit – it doesn’t necessarily need to tell you *what* place you are in, so much as convey the sense of any particular place….

  • Andrew Rowat

    Duly noted!

  • Hmasemann

    I like the fourth one.  (winter).

  • granth

    I think the gas crater and urtz work best for conveying a sense of place.

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Those seem to be leading the charge.
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  • Andrew Rowat

    Thanks Hilary!

  • Michael Bastianelli

    Mongolian Urtz Winter Star Trails, mainly because of the amount of what is going on.The star rotating showing time and the flames behind the tent.

  • Andrew Rowat


  • Mary Rowat

    B/W Mongolia Gers

  • Mary Rowat

    B/W Mongolia Gers

  • Andrew Rowat

    Mary – Thanks for adding your thoughts! It isn’t often that I run across another Rowat. :)

  • Sharon Desser

    I know I’m a bit late on this but I love the Indian Woman Farmer. I think it’s the contrasting textures

  • admin

    Sharon – Comments are always welcome! Thanks for adding your thoughts on this one. Much appreciated.