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I need more of your help! Which Portrait do you like?

September 8th, 2011

I need more help from everyone out there – which portrait (if any!) do you love? Can’t decide? Tell which one(s) you like. Or if you really don’t like one tell me that too!

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  • Frances

    I like the Ladakh woman because of her quiet power and beauty.  I like Mongolian Cowboy because of his huge grin. :-)  I like the Lake Khovsvol goat jacket because that is an amazing piece of fashion. Do *not* like the Indian farmer woman because she looks unhappy and diminished.

  • mike s.

    I like the ladakh woman shot (in color). Really nice shadows… I love the wrinkles. Nice focus too. Well done.

    - farmer woman in straw is boring.

    - Cowboy guy is boring. I also don’t like the crop of the shot. You should have ditched the bike!

    - Reindeer one is off. the composition is weird. Seems like it’s a two-headed reindeer. Would have been nice to get a bit more of a sense of the scale of the background as well.

    that goat jacket is pretty pimp though. You should get one.

  • Jessica Ware

    Ladakh Tradtional Woman and Tsaatan Man with Reindeer are my favorites, but they all are really good. The straw one I like because of the patterns in the straw. 

  • Alicia H

    I like the Ladakh Traditional Woman too.

  • Andrew Rowat

    Never one to pull punches Michael. Thanks for your welcome, and unvarnished thoughts!

  • Andrew Rowat


  • Andrew Rowat

    Leading the way it would seem…..

  • Andrew Rowat

    Thanks as always for your thoughts Jessica!

  • granth

    I like the reindeer man and goat jacket. Both look great blown up.

    Of course, now I’m always going to see the reindeer as a pushmi-pullyu.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. We can thank Michael for that observation. :)
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  • mayling

    Tsaatan Man. makes you pause more than the rest.  incongruity between his gentle look and nuzzling reindeer and the gun / harsh surroundings.

  • mayling

    btw, i like the composition of Tsaatan Man. he looks like he’s standing next to a tree, or a grove of life

  • Anonymous

    I like the shot too. And it is definitely an arresting shot when blown up large…. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  • http://www.facebook.com/bastianelli Michael Bastianelli

    Lake Khovsgol Goat Jacket or Tsaatan Man with Reindeer are great because you get the feeling of the subject’s surroundings.  I love the Ladakh Tradtional Woman.. but I just cannot compare her to the black and white images.

  • Andrew Rowat

    Thanks for adding your thoughts. Those three seem to consistently be the ones that people like.